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Bleeding Empires Roxanne Williams

Bleeding Empires

Roxanne Williams

Kindle Edition
288 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When the army of Kordan took over Nathia, they did not expect that General Farrell Locke would disobey the kings and take a prisoner, and they certainly did not expect that this prisoner would inspire General Cobalt Fost to set Kordan’s fall into motion.It was a long time coming – Kordan was a rotten kingdom that took what it wanted without regard for anyone else, and Cobalt had enough. But to successfully save Kordan and restore it to its former righteousness, he would require the help of General December Crain, of Skye Arista – the prisoner he saved in Nathia – and of Cole Jeremy, a stranger with a very dark secret. They had to save Kordan – a task made all the more difficult with vampires coming back after being hunted nearly to extinction, with Farrell’s unrelenting search for Skye, and with one of the two kings being gruesomely murdered.